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1917 Garford


- 1917 Garford Pumper

- Has Period Correct Hand Tools, Ladder & Pump Components


"This 1917 Garford Pumper is Old Town Fire Department's first motorized fire engine. It is also one of only two other Garford Fire Engines still in existence today (one is in Australia). The $3,310 Garford was used until it was sold in 1959. In the early 1990s Old Town Firefighter Bruce Johnson led a team in the restoration of the venerable engine. Items of interest on the Garford include wooden spoked wheels, wooden steering wheel, and brass oil lanterns along with the electric headlights."- Maine Memory Network


Old Town 1917 Garford along side Old Town's Fred and Ted. Photo donated by Bangor Hose 5 Fire Museum.
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